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SledFest 2017

Thank you to everyone that attended SledFest this year.  Our annual membership drive was a great success once again thanks to all the renewing/new members as well as the volunteers that helped put the event together.  A special thanks to Matt Entz for making the trip up from southern Colorado as well as all the companies that donated items for our silent auction.  Stay tuned for more great stuff from the club!

Fall 2016 Activity

The club is ramping up for the upcoming season.  Several club volunteers recently dedicated a Saturday to groomer maintenance.  Because of those efforts, we likely saved a good $10k from sending the groomer in to Piston Bully!  Our grooming request for funds from Colorado State Parks has been submitted.  Please visit our Land Management page to get updates on our summer work to ensure that we maintain our riding areas.


Vail Pass Fee Increase 

The Vail Task Force and USFS are proposing a fee increase for Vail Pass.  The fee increase is proposed to be $9a day from $6 and $100 a year from $40 now.  The club has discussed this increase and voted to oppose the increase.  We feel that the service is not very adequate now (plowing, signage, etc), and that more money won't simply fix the issues.  There are usually four or more FS agents at the area and we do not feel that there is a need for more.  The grooming funds from this area come from Colorado State Parks, the same as the Powder Hounds.  This money is primarily gathered from snowmobile registrations.  The non-motorized group in the area does not contribute to this beyond the daily use fee that motorized people pay as well.  

Visit the Vail Pass Land Management page to see the USFS information.Th

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